We are Brand Therapists.

We achieve solution focused analysis that helps clients reach new possibilities and amplify existing strengths.

We are not chicken of thinking outside the box

The chicken was used solely because the picture looks great,

it has absolutely nothing to do with being creative :)


Neue Agency

We are a unique creative agency that is effective in what it does because we recognise our clients as Valuable Business Associates. This means that we will work extra hard to make sure we both come out on top. This will be achieved by working together towards a common goal of success through the correct foundation and implementation of the following services:

Research and Establishment

OneSurvey is one of the critical components of how we do work. We do not jump to conclusions about what you need or what your clients need, we engage with the target so we are better informed of their needs ensuring flawless results.

Brand Development

A brand is a terrible thing to waste. The end users thoughts and feelings about a brand should be captured through its identity. Brandneue thoroughly investigates the potential consumer so that our identity is informed and well executed.

Campaign Development

What you make people feel is just as important as how you make it. We develop campaigns that evoke emotion and compel a response. We develop campaigns that speak a language that is not understood by many but by all that were targeted.


Another critical component that separates us from the rest is that we analyse our work with you and give feedback throughout various stages of your campaigns.

Activations & Events

A practical, real time interactive experience with a brand is the only way for a consumer to truly test it, this allows the consumer to live, breathe and feel the brand in its entirety.


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